Opticooler® - the extremely reliable air cargo containers for your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

If you require your pharmaceutical products to reliably reach their global destinations at precise temperatures with almost no deviations then the high-precision, active-battery powered Opticooler® is your extremely efficient transport solution. The air cargo containers are fully air-conditioned, equipped with powerful compressor technology and are specifically designed for the worldwide air transport of valuable and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The Opticooler® provides uncompromising protection - made in Germany.

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Precise temperatures for your pharmaceuticals - across all climate zones

The Opticooler® will extremely reliably deliver your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to their destination in intercontinental air traffic. Our temperature-controlled airfreight containers achieve an extremely high reliability rate, thanks to multiple redundant systems and intensive maintenance after each flight. The Opticooler® RAP and RKN operate autonomously with batteries. Thanks to simple and fast preconditioning as well as intuitive operation, the airfreight containers provide a high level of safety in international handling. A very high availability and global cooperation with numerous airlines ensures a smooth and consistently reliable supply chain.

Opticooler® air cargo container

Data & Facts

Opticooler® RAP

Large loading volume

Up to 5 Euro pallets / 4 CP1 pallets
Usable volume: 6.57 m3 / 232 ft3
Interior temperature: +2° to +8°C / +15° to +25°C

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Opticooler® RKN

Smart solution for compact freight

Up to 1.5 Euro pallets / 1 CP1 pallet
Usable volume: 1.88 m3 / 66.39 ft3
Interior temperature: +2° to +8°C / +15° to +25°C

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Advantages for the entire supply chain

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The Opticooler® provides an extremely high level of security for high-value and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. They have been developed and approved according to the strict quality standards of the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. Many well-known and multinational pharmaceutical companies have qualified and validated the Opticooler® as an airfreight container for worldwide transportation. They have relied on the technical reliability and services of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions for many years.

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As a logistics partner in the pharmaceutical industry, you are constantly looking for the best possible transport solution for your customer’s requirements. With the high-precision and electrically air-conditioned Opticooler® airfreight containers you can provide your customers with an innovative and attractively priced solution. Let us help you deliver customized and flexible solutions for your customers’ requirements.

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Many airlines all over the world already rent the Opticooler® for temperature-controlled airfreight. You too can become part of our network and benefit from the growing global pharmaceutical market. Easy operation, super-fast battery charging multiple charging cables and a robust design make the Opticooler® an ideal solution for the challenges of global air cargo handling.

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Opticooler® - Global airline network

The Opticooler® RAP and RKN can be booked directly with the following airlines. With our constantly growing network of airlines, pharmaceutical companies can rely on a global connection for their sites across all continents.

For booking details, please also contact the General Sales Agent (GSA) for the individual airline.


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