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Become part of our network and participate in the growing global pharmaceutical market. The Opticooler® airfreight container is already used by many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and almost all major airlines provide Opticoolers® in their networks.

We are known in the industry for fast, reliable and uncomplicated communication and processing. You will receive a confirmation of your Opticooler® request within a short period of time, so that you can react quickly to your customers.

In addition, we will support you in the quality assurance of your handling by analyzing each individual shipment for weaknesses in the process and handling based on container data. Corresponding reports are available as a free service.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Attractive rental conditions
  • Rental flexibility
  • Easy handling
  • High availability worldwide

The DoKaSch Opticooler® RAP and Opticooler® RKN are available for rent around the globe. Opticoolers® are delivered to the loading site (build-up) specified by the customer. We are proud of our extremely high rate of order confirmations. For fast availability without lead times, we also set up stocks at our customers' sites on request.

In large Free Delivery Areas in Europe, the United States and some regions in Asia, the Opticooler® is delivered without charging transport costs. All containers are checked before delivery and delivered with fully charged batteries. The main benefit of delivery the Opticooler® the evening before means that the containers can be preconditioned overnight.


We are also happy to offer you customized and flexible rental solutions for regular freight transport. You can rent our fully air-conditioned and battery-powered containers for the global air transport of high-quality temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals for flexible periods of time. You decide when, how long and where you want to use the rented Opticooler®. For quality assurance, an intensive technical detail check is performed after each flight at one of our DoKaSch-TS stations.

The Opticooler® is easy to operate, so little training is required. The touch screen makes the operation control intuitive and easy to understand. Each Opticooler® is ready for operation with just two clicks. When connected to an external power source, the batteries recharge automatically in next to no time. Both Opticooler® models use the same technology, which further reduces the need for training; the operation is identical. Both models are suitable for forklift trucks.

Double-installed, independently operating battery chargers enable super-fast charging. A charging cycle from 50% to 100% takes only 2.5 hours, minimizing transit times and enabling same day connecting flights. A double set of power cables, including standard adapters, ensures that the Opticooler® can be connected to any power outlet worldwide.

You too can become part of our successful Opticooler® network of logistics companies and airlines. Easy operation, long battery life with reduced charging times, multiple charging cables and a robust design make the Opticooler® an ideal solution for the challenges of global air cargo handling.


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