DoKaSch receives certificate for their pharma-cooling air transport solutions FAA approval opens up new networks for the Opticooler

Frankfurt / San Francisco (CA), 04 October 2019 – DoKaSch Temperature Solutions has received the approval for its Opticooler RAP, a temperature-controlled air cargo container, by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

With this approval, DoKaSch will be able to cooperate with US-Airlines and it will also pave the way for Canadian Airlines. In turn, the company can further expand its area of operations within these networks to and from the USA, Canada and within the Americas. Anticipating this FAA approval, and to begin building relationships with our American customers, the company founded its California based subsidiary DoKaSch Americas Inc in 2018.

Douglas Wettergren, CEO of DoKaSch Americas: “The FAA approval for our Opticooler is an important step in expanding our international network and strengthening our position. Since the USA is an important export market for pharmaceuticals, we are focusing time and energy with key clients. We have come a long way in 2019 and now that we are able to cooperate with USA flag carriers and some wet lease freighter operators, our customers can truly benefit. FAA approval is the recognition a lot of our American customers have been waiting for.”

A fleet of Opticoolers is already available at more than 25 international US airports to serve the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. For DoKaSch, the FAA approval is the next step in expanding services for the US-Market. The pharmaceutical industry in the USA is the biggest in the world and continuously brings new developments. Biotech products are growing steadily and the lifesaving and life improving quality of these products makes them of high value. These require precise temperature ranges in order to be transported safely and this is where the Opticooler becomes relevant.

DoKaSch Temperature Solutions runs a fleet of the active cool containers available in two sizes, an Opticooler RAP, providing space for four CP1 pallets, and an RKN size for one pallet. The “Made in Germany” Opticoolers are valued for their exceptional reliability and performance at any climatic situation, while keeping cargo accurate within the 2-8°C or 15-25°C range. Electricity powered and fully air conditioned, equipped with batteries, cooling compressors and heaters, they can cool as well as heat without using dry ice.

The Opticooler is a flying temperature controlled warehouse and designed to move the most precious pharmaceuticals and other very temperature sensitive cargos safe by air to intercontinental destinations. The Opticoolers RAP and RKN are already available for lease at several airlines worldwide.

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