DoKaSch Temperature Solutions provides Opticooler for EL AL Israel Airlines – Cargo Division

New cool chain capacities for the important Israeli pharma market

Tel Aviv/Frankfurt, 31 January 2023 – EL AL Israel Airlines, the most prominent Israeli airline, and DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, a German provider of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, have signed a Master Rental Agreement for the usage of DoKaSch’s Opticooler containers.

This means that the airline now benefits from the reliable active cooling container for its pharmaceutical shipments to and from Israel. The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in Israel's internationally networked economy and some of the world’s largest manufacturers are based in the country. As the Israel relies primarily on sea and air freight solutions, Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport is the central hub for international trade. Thanks to the highly reliable and temperature-controlled Opticooler solution, El Al is able to safely transport temperature-sensitive products to and from its headquarters at Ben Gurion Airport in the belly of its passenger fleet as well as a dedicated cargo aircraft. El Al serves 42 destinations; these include New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Johannesburg, and the most important European cities. In addition, El Al has agreements with leading airlines as well as freight forwarding companies on various continents.

Moshe Popovich, Pharma Manager at EL AL Cargo Division, explains the importance of the agreement: “Pharmaceuticals are the fastest growing market segment in the air cargo industry. However, temperature fluctuations during transport can pose a serious threat to the integrity of these sensitive products. As Israel's national airline with an extensive global network, an efficient and reliable cold chain service is therefore crucial for us. The Master Rental Agreement with DoKaSch Temperature Solutions supports our high standards in this area and enables us to offer our customers stable and high-quality transportation for their pharmaceutical shipments."

“Israel is a competitive and rapidly developing market that has become a key area for multinational companies. Air transport plays a vital role here since no freight is transported out of the country by road or rail. The Master Rental Agreement with El Al Airlines now opens up further possibilities for the market to ship their temperature-sensitive goods to and from Israel. Especially in a country with a hot climate like Israel, it is essential that the packaging solution can reliably protect the sensitive goods,” adds Dor Saidof, Global Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager Israel at DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.

Andreas Seitz, Managing Director at DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, says: “The new Master Rental Agreement with El Al Airlines is an important addition to our partner network and significantly increases the availability of our Opticoolers on routes to and from the important Israeli market. By providing our Opticoolers for El Al, we are able to support reliable cool chain capacities and the supply of lifesaving medicines in the region and globally.”


About DoKaSch Temperature Solutions:

DoKaSch is a family-owned supplier of loading equipment to the global aviation industry. With almost 30 years of experience, DoKaSch has acquired a far-reaching set of skills to develop, manufacture, maintain and market all sorts of unit load devices (ULD) for the transportation of goods and luggage in aircraft around the world.

At DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, we focus on renting out our Opticooler, an in-house developed air-conditioned temperature-controlled container, to international airlines. The Opticooler is designed to transport and safeguard high-value, temperature sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals on intercontinental flights. Our Opticooler-Containers ensure that throughout all climate zones, the pharmaceutical cargo reaches its destination safely and undamaged.

The “Made in Germany” DoKaSch Opticooler works autonomously with batteries. It is valued for its exceptional reliability and performance in any climatic and weather situation and keeps cargo very accurately within the 2-8°C or 15-25°C range.

Many well-known pharmaceutical companies have been relying on the Opticooler for years as a way to deliver their vital medicines safely, reliably and undamaged to patients around the world.


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