FAA certified Opticooler® RKN

Operation at US-based airlines in preparation

Frankfurt/M./Washington, D.C., 12. April 2023 – The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA) has certified the Opticooler® RKN container for DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, a German specialist for active temperature-controlled packaging solutions. The FAA approval of the compact RKN container follows the certification of the already well-established larger Opticooler® RAP in the USA.

Both containers have hitherto already been used for active air cargo transportation on US routes by various none-US airlines. With this FAA approval, every US based airline can now have both DoKaSch TS Opticooler® containers technically certified and validated. Thus, the enlargement of the selection of the most suitable container size along with a wider choice of airline routes is definitively an appreciated value-added in particular, but not only, for the exporting pharmaceutical industry in the USA.

US-Airlines as well as forwarders can now optimally meet their increasing demand for extremely secure and reliable cold chain solutions for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. First technical approvals are currently in process by US based airlines, as now they can not only transport the RAP, but also the RKN in their home-market.

While the Opticooler® RAP offers space for four CP 1 pallets (or five Euro pallets), the recently approved Opticooler® RKN holds one CP 1 pallet (or any standard US pallet, up to max. 48 inch x 48 inch). Both systems are characterized by reliability and resilience. Redundant systems for electrification and full air-conditioning enable precise heating and cooling without dry ice. Thus, these containers transport valuable and sensitive pharmaceuticals while avoiding temperature deviations at an extremely high level and with high independence of outside conditions. The Opticoolers are equipped with high performance batteries and require merely a power socket to be (re-)charged. Furthermore, they can also be utilized as temporary storage units whenever the necessary cooling infrastructure is lacking.

“The USA is one of our most important markets, which we already serve for many years with our Opticooler® RAP and RKN by an array of airlines. The FAA’s approval of the Opticooler® RKN has been well received by the US pharma industry, as it can now also choose US-based airlines to utilize the RAP and RKN, depending upon its needs. This last gap in serving that market has been closed by DoKaSch TS extending its entire Opticooler® fleet to all US-based airlines, enabling them to now also service their home market for international shipment. We are pleased to have both of our containers now fully approved by the relevant bodies, i.e. the FAA and EASA, providing pharmaceutical shippers and forwarders a full fletched choice globally,” states Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.  

About DoKaSch Temperature Solutions:

DoKaSch is a family-owned supplier of loading equipment to the global aviation industry. With almost 30 years of experience, DoKaSch has acquired a far-reaching set of skills to develop, manufacture, maintain and market all sorts of unit load devices (ULD) for the transportation of goods and luggage in aircrafts around the world.

At DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, we focus on renting out our Opticooler,an inhouse developed air-conditioned temperature-controlled container, to international airlines. The Opticooler is designed to transport and safeguard high value, temperature sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals on intercontinental flights.

The “Made in Germany” DoKaSch Opticooler work autonomously with batteries. It is valued for its exceptional reliability and performance at any climatic and weather situation and keeps cargo very accurately within the 2-8°C or 15-25°C range.

Many well-known pharmaceutical companies have been relying on the Opticooler for years as a way to deliver their vital medicines safely, reliably and undamaged to patients around the world.

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