Leading airline becomes new client DoKaSch provides Opticooler for Etihad Cargo

Frankfurt/Abu Dhabi, 18 April 2018 – DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, the provider of climatecontrolled solutions for air cargo, and Etihad Cargo signed a master agreement for its Opticooler. “With Etihad Cargo, we are able to expand our service network for Opticoolers further.

All leading airlines of the Middle East are now our partners as they want to offer their clients the most reliable packaging solution to transport highly temperature-sensitive air cargo shipments,” said Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.

At the 16th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum from today, September 24, until Thursday, September 27, top pharma supply chain executives and suppliers will gather to address end-toend supply chain optimization and creating strategies to maintain temperature controlled products, remain compliant with regulatory agencies, optimize transportation routes, increase collaboration through change management, and implement customer centricity. In order to arrange meetings and interviews with Douglas Wettergren and Andreas Seitz, please contact the DoKaSch office in the United States at +1 (415) 248 1256 or send an Email to DoKaSchTS@mar-berlin.com

DoKaSch Temperature Solutions runs a fleet of the already well-recognized active cool containers Opticooler RAP (5 pallets) and RKN (1 pallet). The “Made in Germany” Opticooler is valued for its exceptional reliability and performance at any climatic situation, and keeps cargo very accurate within the 2-8°C or 15-25°C range. Electricity powered and fully air conditioned, equipped with huge batteries, cooling compressors and heaters, it can cool as well as heat without using dry ice.

The Opticooler is a flying temperature controlled warehouse - even better than a stationary one - and designed to move the most precious pharmaceuticals safe by air to intercontinental destinations. The Opticooler can be rented for temperature sensitive shipments around the globe at several cargo airlines.

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