New Business Development Manager | DoKaSch Temperature Solutions expands its business in India

Frankfurt/Bangalore, 21. September 2023 – The Indian pharmaceutical industry worldwide ranks third in pharmaceutical production by volume, according to the Indian government. In order to position itself even better in this region, DoKaSch Temperature Solutions has announced James Savio as Business Development Manager India. “I want to expand the market presence of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions across the Pharmaceuticals main markets in India,” says Savio, “and also ensure that DoKaSch TS is valued as a trusted and reliable safe temperature solutions company in India and global.”

A lot of important pharma and biotech companies are based in India and have taken a lead in the pharma supply chain. They are driving changes at airports where pharmaceuticals are handled – for example, a dedicated facility for temperature controlled sensitive facilities such as cool port and Pharma zone, which is the first of a kind in the country. Indian airports like Bangalore, Mumbai or at Hyderabad International Airport are expanding their infrastructure. Since 2021 DoKaSch TS operates a service station at Hyderabad International Airport. “The companies are looking for reliable temperature solution partners such as DoKaSch Temperature Solutions,” says James Savio. “That’s a big advantage for our company.”

The Pharma sector necessitates complex high-quality logistics in warehousing, transport and handling requirements. Therefore, almost 20 years ago DoKaSch developed the Opticooler®, a high-end active temperature-controlled aircraft container for the pharmaceutical industry that is designed for high reliability and resilience and has been improving it ever since. The Opticooler® can cool and heat using electric compressors and heaters, enabling it to maintain an exact temperature range in any climate – regardless of the ambient temperature and even for weeks if necessary. Besides reliability, availability is another important aspect for the customers of the Opticooler®. That’s why DoKaSch Temperature Solutions has representatives at important strategic pharma sites.

James Savio has many years of experience in the Indian market. His last position was with InterGlobe Air Transport, the general sales agency for Etihad Airways Cargo, as Regional Manager South. During his time at Allied Aviation Private Ltd., he was responsible for Bangalore as Regional Manager. And he worked as Manager Sales and Services for Aviation Travels Private Ltd., the general sales agency of Singapore Airlines Cargo. “Due to my previous career, I’ve gained valuable insights about what the freight customers want and demand,” says DoKaSch TS’ new Business Development Manager India. James Savio is also trained in Quality Management for Pharmaceuticals.

Andreas Seitz, Managing Director at DoKaSch Temperature Solutions: “India is an important market for the production of pharmaceuticals, biosimilars and biotech. With James Savio as Business Development Manager India DoKaSch TS is further expanding its engagement in this region.”

About DoKaSch Temperature Solutions:

DoKaSch is a family-owned supplier of loading equipment to the global aviation industry. With almost 30 years of experience, DoKaSch has acquired a far-reaching set of skills to develop, manufacture, maintain and market all sorts of unit load devices (ULD) for the transportation of goods and luggage in aircrafts around the world.

At DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, we focus on renting out our Opticooler, an inhouse developed air-conditioned temperature-controlled container, to international airlines. The Opticooler is designed to transport and safeguard high value, temperature sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals on intercontinental flights. Our Opticooler-Containers ensure that throughout all climate zones the pharmaceutical cargo reaches its destination safe and undamaged.

The “Made in Germany” DoKaSch Opticooler work autonomously with batteries. It is valued for its exceptional reliability and performance at any climatic and weather situation and keeps cargo very accurately within the 2-8°C or 15-25°C range.

Many well-known pharmaceutical companies have been relying on the Opticooler for years as a way to deliver their vital medicines safely, reliably and undamaged to patients around the world.

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