Strengthening key supply chains between Europe and the USA | DoKaSch Temperature Solutions’ Opticooler receives technical approval by American Airlines Cargo

Frankfurt, 2nd October 2023 – DoKaSch Temperature Solutions achieved technical approval for its Opticooler® RKN active containers with American Airlines Cargo. Thus, on all flights operated by the U.S. carrier, forwarders can now use the fast and highly reliable temperature- controlled packaging solution. The technical approval of the RKN by American Airlines Cargo is another step in ensuring customer satisfaction in the U.S. market and further strengthening DoKaSch TS's network. Given the very high availability in the market and resilience of the Opticooler® packaging solution, customers have enhanced options to operate safe and reliable supply chains for temperature-sensitive goods to and from the U.S.

Recently, the provider for temperature-controlled packaging solutions DoKaSch TS received FAA certification for the RKN container, while the Opticooler® RAP was already well established in the U.S. American Airlines Cargo operates one of the world's largest and most extensive international air cargo networks. Due to its technical approval, shippers and carriers worldwide can rely on DoKaSch TS's readily available and highly reliable temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the cargo carrier’s global flights.

“The technical approval of the Opticooler® RKN, along with the well-established approval of the Opticooler® RAP is an excellent addition to our existing options for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo. It gives our pharmaceutical customers a reliable option for safely transporting their sensitive shipments in a highly regulated market. The Opticooler® meets our high standards and supports our global cold chain network,” explains Eric Mathieu, Head of Customer Experience at American Airlines Cargo.

Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, adds: “The USA is one of the biggest and most important export market for pharmaceuticals. The technical approval by U.S. carrier American Airlines Cargo is therefore an important step for our growth strategy in the region. It gives even more pharmaceutical shippers in the U.S. easy and trouble-free access to our Opticoolers® for the global distribution of their high-value and high-risk cargo. Combined with our high availability and reliability, the Opticooler® 'Made in Germany' contributes greatly to the reliability of the global cold chain.”

DoKaSch Temperature Solutions’ Opticoolers® are available in two sizes: as RAP, providing space for four CP 1 pallets (or five euro-pallets) and as smaller RKN version for one CP 1 pallet (or any standard US pallet, up to max. 48 inches x 48 inches). Electrically powered and fully air conditioned they can cool as well as heat without using dry ice. Batteries allow a continuous operation of the container when grid power is not available. Thus, they can transport valuable and sensitive pharmaceuticals without any concern for temperature excursions. They can also be used as temporary storage facilities if adequate infrastructure is not available.

About American Airlines Cargo:

American Airlines Cargo transports cargo daily between major cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia. Offering a variety of products and handling capabilities, American Airlines Cargo supports shipments from life-saving pharmaceuticals to mail and e-commerce on the world’s largest passenger network. Learn more at

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About DoKaSch Temperature Solutions:

DoKaSch is a family-owned supplier of loading equipment to the global aviation industry. With almost 30 years of experience, DoKaSch has acquired a far-reaching set of skills to develop, manufacture, maintain and market all sorts of unit load devices (ULD) for the transportation of goods and luggage in aircrafts around the world.

At DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, we focus on renting out our Opticooler, an inhouse developed air-conditioned temperature-controlled container, to international airlines. The Opticooler is designed to transport and safeguard high value, temperature sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals on intercontinental flights.

The “Made in Germany” DoKaSch Opticooler work autonomously with batteries. It is valued for its exceptional reliability and performance at any climatic and weather situation and keeps cargo very accurately within the 2-8°C or 15-25°C range.

Many well-known pharmaceutical companies have been relying on the Opticooler for years as a way to deliver their vital medicines safely, reliably and undamaged to patients around the world.

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