Opticooler® Air Freight Container

The battery-operated and fully air-conditioned Opticooler® RAP and Opticooler® RKN have been developed based on our 30 years’ experience with air cargo loading devices (ULDs).

Opticooler® RAP

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Opticooler® RKN

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Both Opticooler® models meet the highest requirements for reliability and temperature resistance. They were specifically designed to meet the logistical challenges involved in the intercontinental air transport of highly temperature-sensitive drugs. They also enable the safe transport of other temperature-sensitive goods such as satellite components, measuring instruments, chemical precursors, etc.

The Opticooler® airfreight containers deliver your goods safe and well-tempered across the globe. Even in the event of extreme fluctuations in the external ambient temperatures between -30° and +50°C, a set internal temperature range can be accurately maintained e.g. +2° to 8°C. Intuitive operation, simple preconditioning and super-fast battery charging times guarantee a very high process reliability. Multiple redundant systems ensure a very high technical safety level.

Product features of the Opticooler® air freight containers

  • Simplified "one-touch" setting: +2° to +8°C or +15° to +25°C internal temperature range
  • Internal cooling spectrum of +2° to +30°C that is individually adjustable
  • High-precision, electric air conditioning without dry ice
  • Triple or quadruple redundant systems for air conditioning
  • Double battery charging speed with redundant charging system
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Unlimited running time with mains operation: 100V - 230V mains connection /2 separate charging cables incl. adapter provided

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