Safety and reliability in all kinds respect

DoKaSch Opticoolers® provide extremely reliable packaging solutions for your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Learn more about the technical safety of our Opticoolers® and the attractive DoKaSch services.

Extremely high level of security

Technical reliability

Strong technical reliability through active compressor technology

The DoKaSch Opticoolers® RAP and RKN are high-precisioned, active, fully air-conditioned airfreight containers (ULDs) "Made in Germany" with powered and battery-operated temperature management systems. They are designed, developed, engineered, manufactured and serviced by DoKaSch in Germany from a single source. The cooperation with well-known manufacturers, e.g. for compressors, batteries or control modules, ensures the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology.

  • Multiple redundancy for all important components, e.g. 4-fold self-sufficient aircon systems (RAP)
  • extensive preventive maintenance according to the quality standards for aircraft maintenance and pharmaceuticals/CAPA in DoKaSch's own maintenance centers
  • intensive maintenance and technical inspection by DoKaSch technical specialists after each individual rental, ensures an extremely high reliability


High security for your global air freight

The complexity of global air freight, with numerous interfaces and process participants, presents a challenge for maintaining the cold chain. The Opticooler® provides an enormous reduction of this complexity. The Opticooler® is an ideal choice when you are looking to deliver your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to their destination safely and in ideal conditions in intercontinental air traffic across all climate zones.

The Opticooler® is a self-contained, fully air-conditioned container that can be operated either by internal high-performance batteries or an external power supply at ambient temperatures between -30°C and +50°C. Based on 30 years’ experience in aviation, the robust construction of the Opticooler® is optimally adapted to the demanding daily routine in intercontinental air traffic. Thanks to the intuitive touch display, the Opticooler® is ready for operation at the touch of a button.

Compared to other technologies, such as dry ice or passive boxes, the Opticooler® provides many advantages in terms of safety, runtime, load volume and conditioning.

Precise temperature

Precise temperature control even under extreme conditions

The Opticooler® can be set to any temperature between +2°C and +30°C in margines of 0.1°C. Thanks to the high precision temperature management system and a finely tuned temperature controls that react to temperature fluctuations of +/-0.5°C, the Opticooler® reliably maintains the required temperatures even under extreme ambient temperatures of -30°C to +50°C and solar radiation.

Thanks to the powerful compressor technology and the 4 (RAP) or 3 (RKN) installed aircon systems, the Opticooler can be preconditioned quickly to the desired temperature at a rate of approx. +7° to +9°C per hour.

Powerful fans ensure an intensive flow of air inside the container. Hermetically sealed doors prevent the exchange of air with the ambient environment. This makes it possible to keep maintaining the internal temperature at any point within the specified range of .e.g. +2° to +8°C or +15° to +25°C.

Running time

Virtually unlimited runtime - super-fast charging

The Opticooler® is equipped with powerful rechargeable batteries so that intercontinental long-haul flights, including airport pre and post carriage, can be safely operated with one battery charge, even during extreme ambient temperatures.

With the help of the additional external power connections, the Opticoolers'® runtime is practically unlimited, and they can be used as temporary storage at the destination.

In contrast to passive / PCM solutions or dry ice containers, Opticoolers® have no hard runtime limit and keep the preset interior temperature constant even under changing and unplanned external climatic conditions.

In addition, double-installed, independently operating battery chargers enable super-fast charging. A charging cycle from 50% to 100% takes only 2.5 hours, minimizing transit times and enabling same day connecting flights. A double set of power cables, including standard adapters, ensures that the Opticoolers® can be connected to any power outlet around the world.

Handling and training

Easy handling & low training requirements

The Opticooler® can be operated directly in a simple and understandable way resulting in little training being required. This is made possible by intuitive operation control via the touch screen. Both Opticooler® models, RAP and RKN, use the same technologies and have an identical operating panel. Each Opticooler® is ready for operation with just two clicks. By connecting to an external power source, the batteries are automatically and quickly recharged. Both models are suitable for forklift trucks, and the Opticooler® RKN is additionally equipped with forklift pockets.

Qualification and validation

Support for qualification and validation (OQ / PQ)

Our qualification and validation documents (OQ/PQ reports), developed by pharmaceutical QM specialists, enable fast, easy and cost-effective global qualification and validation of the Opticooler®. In addition to extensive climatic chamber testing, these reports include - anonymized - numerous real data from transports carried out, so that no further test shifts are usually necessary. With a single global qualification, the Opticooler® can then be safely and easily used for all worldwide air transport across all climate zones.

We will be happy to provide our qualification and validation documents to our customers in the pharmaceutical industry on request and will support you and your partners with our experience during the qualification process.

In addition, DoKaSch can also carry out supplementary, customer-specific qualifications in DoKaSch's own climatic chambers and test stands.

Reliable Service

High availability

High availability - anytime, worldwide

The Opticooler® RAP and RKN are available worldwide and are delivered on time. We have always been able to record a very high rate of order confirmations in recent years. We were also able to record an extremely high level of on-time deliveries of confirmed bookings.

This is also our goal and aim for the future, therefore, we maintain sufficient operational and strategic container reserves. Thanks to our self-operated central storage, maintenance and repair locations, we are able to react dynamically and efficiently to fluctuations in demand.

Free delivery areas

Free delivery service

The Opticooler® RAP and RKN are supplied by DoKaSch to the container's loading point.

We take over the organisation and coordination of the delivery to the loading site.

We offer large Free Delivery Areas in Europe, the United States and smaller regions in Asia. Regardless of distance and country, a small handling fee is charged.

DoKaSch offers considerable transport cost savings and the possibility of additional rental days. We aim to deliver the Opticooler® the evening before the start of the rental period (SoL), therefore, ensuring that the container is fully conditioned and ready for use on the first rental day at the beginning of the early shift. In addition, DoKaSch also delivers the desired Opticooler® outside of the Free Delivery Zones worldwide; in such cases, we may charge transport costs.

The Opticooler® can be rented directly from a large number of airlines and logistics partners worldwide.

Fast processing

Fast processing, early delivery and high rental flexibility

All incoming bookings are answered by our 24/7 Customer Service Team within a few hours and usually confirmed immediately. This gives you planning security for your further logistical dispositions immediately after your inquiry. The booked Opticoolers® are provided with fully charged batteries and are technically validated.

They are delivered the evening before the start of the rental period (SoL); this means that the container is fully conditioned and ready for use on the first day of rental at the start of the early shift.

Global network

Strong partner with global network

The Opticooler® RAP and RKN are available directly from almost all major airlines in their cargo networks. Due to our constantly growing airline network, pharmaceutical companies can rely on a global connection of their locations on all continents. Together with your freight booking, you can also book an Opticooler®. Everything else will be arranged for you behind the scenes with our airline partners.

Exclusive stock on site

Consignment Stock on site

For quick access without lead times, exclusive stocks can be set up at our customers' loading locations on request and for regular bookings. This gives you access to an exclusive stock at extremely short notice and allows you the flexibility to rent additional containers or make an exchange at any time.

You only incur costs when an Opticooler® is booked.

Economic advantages

Attractive rental rates

The rental prices for the Opticooler® airfreight containers are very attractive compared to other similar solutions. The fees for delay days are also very moderate. Please ask our airline partners about the attractive Opticooler® rental prices.

Reduced air freight costs

When using actively cooled Opticoolers®, savings of up to 50% are possible compared to passive boxes. For the transport of an Opticooler® RAP with up to 5 pallets, a minimum weight of 1,650 kg is usually applied, i.e. 330 kg per pallet. For passive PCM packaging solutions, which can hold one or a maximum of two pallets, the chargeable weight often lies between 600-700 kg. This means correspondingly higher freight costs.

More usable volume

Our Opticooler® RAP provides a highly effective internal space design, which then translates to a very efficient loading volume. With optimal dimensioning of the packaging, you can transport significantly more items per pallet.

Cost saving and efficient qualification

Our qualification and validation documents (OQ/PQ reports), developed by pharmaceutical QM specialists, enable fast, easy and cost-effective global qualification and validation of Opticoolers® for your purposes. The integration of numerous transports that have actually been carried out means that expensive and time-consuming test shipments can also be avoided.

Single qualification – global application

With a single global qualification, the Opticooler® - in contrast to passive solutions – can be used for all worldwide air transport and across all climate zones easily and safely. No further qualification is necessary even for new transport routes.

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